YOUR HOME SHOULD BE THE CATALYST for an extraordinary life. Every detail you imagine brought to life with hand-crafted quality and artistic beauty.

create a home that is a work of art

Imagine the excitement of defining your dream, the energy of having your vision translated into something constructible, the thrill of watching that plan come to life, even virtually walking through it. Imagine living in a work of art…One that is perfectly designed for you by an award winning team with decades of experience designing homes ranging from $800K to over $8M…One that creates an environment that fosters your enjoyment. This is what we strive to accomplish, all we need is a willing partner to put their trust in Vanguard’s Austin architects and go on this exciting journey together!’

Featured Projects

Iron Bluff

An extremely steep, difficult site, modern house design, industrial feel….those are some of the initial elements we started with on this beautiful project…

Yaupon Holly

Our projects always begin with responding to the site, and this home was no exception-it was totally created to address the various features of the site…

Feather Hill Retreat

Walls of glass, floating horizontal planes, distinct forms…all integrated to create a perfect blend of a modern feel with a warm material palette…

Let’s Start a Conversation

What’s Your Vision?

We’d love for you to share your imagination with us. Let’s find some time to chat about your “What ifs…”


We believe that Architecture should be an expression that brings your vision to life with exceptional accuracy and clarity. An expression that helps you define exactly what you want in a way that turns your home into a work of art where form and function combine to perfectly fit your lifestyle.


We focus on helping you envision the perfect home by creating what we call a “project blueprint.” This is an architectural program that starts with you defining your dreams and visions. Once our Austin architects have your story in mind, we begin the creative process of translating your “what ifs” into something real.


A well designed home is just the start. You also need a design partner that is agile, and offers an array of knowledge and expertise. We see our role as one of an experienced guide engaged to help you reach your destination: an extraordinary home that enhances your extraordinary life.

Nice to Be Recognized

We didn’t get in this business to win awards or appear in magazines, but we do appreciate that our creativity, execution and commitment to customer service has been recognized.

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